About Lisa Maret

After graduating in Fashion Design at the Amsterdam Fashion institute Lisa Deutekom wanted to continue what she started during her studies, making Jewellery. With this passion for jewellery and accessories the namesake brand was born.

“it is important that every product becomes more precious over time and people become attached to it” This is possible through producing products of quality and exquisite design.

With her motto “we age not by years but by stories” she wants to show you that everyone wears their Lisa Maret in a different way and therefore creates there own story, no matter what age.

The Studio
Each piece of Lisa Maret jewellery is made by hand in the atelier in Amsterdam. With an eye for quality and detail the pieces are made to last a lifetime.

Want to know how Lisa Maret jewellery is made? Have a look at the -how it’s made video’s- in the journal and get behind the scenes in the atelier.